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Shiva Sai Mandir Music



Shiva Sai Mandir Music is music for the soul. It opens our heart, makes us relaxed and helps us to understand and to become who we really are. The vibrations of the bhajans create silence, ease and peace. The bhajans are food for our soul. Singing bhajans is healing work through music. Sri Kaleshwar calls this type of healing „Sangeetha Prakshalana“ - healing our heart through listening to melodious music.


To praise God and to sing the different names of God is one of the 9 paths to experience God. In the old Indian scriptures this path is called „Namasmarana“. „Nama“ means „name“ as well as „salutation“ and describes the repetition of the names of God. „Smarana“ means „to remember“ or „act of calling to mind“. We call the holy names of God and charge our soul with the highest divine energy that comes directly from the source of all existence.


„When you’re doing bhajans, first of all, your mind is getting peaceful. Energetically chanting and chanting, but the soul is very standard, is a solid rock. Whatever comes, it’s fine. Whatever your mind is singing, the songs, whatever it is, that is normal. After you did bhajans, when you are sleeping, the vibrations, without your notice, will release a lot of stress and pain that your soul is carrying; it will wash out.“

Sri Kaleshwar