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The Bhajan Book List

We compiled all the bhajans and mantras that we sang over the years in the Shiva Sai Mandir in Penukonda in a songbook. In that bhajan book each song has a number. You know that from our concerts.


Here you can find bhajan recordings from my concerts - nicely sorted just as in the bhajan book. You can get the bhajan book in the Sri Kaleshwar Publishing  online-shop. If you want to dive deeper into the bhajan topic, check out our Bhajan Board. There you can find lots of recordings, videos, tutorials and much more.
Links to the different categories:


Introductory Mantras


Bhajans for Ganesh


Bhajans for the Guru


Bhajans for Mother Divine


Bhajans for Shiva


Bhajans for Vishnu / Krishna / Rama


more Bhajans & Mantras