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Jesus Christ


Sri Kaleshwar says:


“Jesus is the man of huge love; that love is incredible. With your heart just if you start to make a flame, the love flame––that flame, taking it day-by-day, day-by-day––is getting bigger, huge. When it starts to get huge, you can command on Jesus very, very easily. You can’t command on Jesus with your willpower, like dominating, you can’t do anything like that. Through only the love, you have to pull him. No mantras, no yantras, nothing will work in front of him. Only with your open heart and love, you have to pull him, “Please, please.”


Jesus, even though he was dying, he had incredible powers in his hands. I can say he’s a God. But he never said he was a God. He could do wonders. He never used his powers for himself. He was always thinking for others, “How can I help him? What can I help him with?” He never cursed anybody from his mouth, even if somebody was screaming on him, just simply his answer was––smiling. Simply loving them, simply accepting whatever energy they were throwing on him.


Jesus knew the God power. That same God gave tests. But Jesus did not command on God. Jesus wasn’t angry with the people. He never used his power for selfishness. Simply his heart was open and smiling and accepting. That is why he became the highest, most powerful master in the universe. No master sacrificed and surrendered the way Jesus did. Jesus came to India. When he was in a very early age, he came to India to research on God. He traveled almost all India. Studied means he had conversations with many, many different saints in India. Finally, he got power in India.”