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Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012)


Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012) is a modern Indian saint. My guru, my Swami, is the most loving person I know. His eyes and his whole being radiate with pure, unconditional love. Swami says: „God only has one religion and that‘s love“.


Swami is teaching powerful meditation- and healing-systems from ancient palmleaf manuscripts that are thousands of years old. For a long time only very few selected people had access to this knowledge. But Swami says that this knowledge belongs to mankind and everyone who wants to implement it needs to have access to it. With those holy mantras, yantras and processes everyone can reach the highest stages of enlightenment and unfold the true potential of their soul.


Sri Kaleshwar‘s guru is Shirdi Sai Baba. Both belong to the same lineage of teachers (Guru Parampara) like Buddha, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharshi and Jesus Christ. Swami always emphasizes that with the right formulas everyone can become a powerful healer and master. He says: “The only difference between the master and the student is knowledge. The master knows certain things that the student does not yet know.“


Sri Kaleshwar has also developed a special kind of healing music that he calls „Shiva Sai Mandir Music“. He says: „You can check any ashram, any place, you won‘t find these types of rhythms anywhere. This is soft, melodious and easy, so that any person can catch on to it. They can get it. They will get it.“


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