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Workshops with Falk

Psychology is the science of the soul (psyche = soul, logos = teaching, science). The acedemic science of psychology was founded in 1879 in Leipzig (Germany) with the opening of the first "Institut für Psychologie" by Wilhelm Wundt. In the 136 years of its existence, academic psychological research has given us an incredible variety of psychological theories, insights and therapeutical interventions. My university studies in Leipzig, where I received my degree in psychology (Diplom-Psychologe), gave me a very broad and deep body of knowledge about all of it.


But the academic psychology lost its subject - the human soul. The science of the soul cannot describe the soul, and does not understand what the soul is, let alone, where the soul comes from and what happens with it after the human body dies. I realized that during my time in university. So I went to where people research on the soul and its soul mechanisms since thousands of years. I studied in India at the  Soul University of Sri Kaleshwar received my "soul ph.d." degreee from Sri Kaleshwar himself.


Since 2006 I am teaching this ancient knowledge about the human soul and how to connect to the Divine Mother and the Divine Father in workshops and one-on-one. Here is an overview of what I am offering:


Bhajan Training


Guitar Workshop


Drum Workshop


The Musical Satsang


Decharging stress and negativity


The 5 Elements Process by Sri Kaleshwar